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 Gallery 1 - After the Old Masters  CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENTER THE GALLERY 

For centuries the female nude was considered the highest form of art. Patrons and royalty wanted it,  in the guise of goddesses of course and the church accepted it if it reflected its teachings.  Women however, were excluded from representing their own form. The first wave of feminists in the 1850's fought for equality, in the arts this meant access to formal art training and being permitted to paint the highest form of art.

Since the conception of feminism in the west the female form has divided feminists. My aim is to modernise contentious female nude images of the past to see if they still have a sensual relevance today. 'Sleeping Venus' the goddess of love and beauty and 'The Three Graces' the goddesses of charm, beauty and creativity are good company for modern day celebrities, all of who exercise their right to beautify and attract the male gaze.

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