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 Gallery 4 - The Allure Series CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENTER THE GALLERY 

The Allure series addresses how western contemporary women invite the male gaze by adorning their bodies with seductive signposts, rituals that were popular over 3000 years ago. These traditionally private areas of the body such as lower back and navel are becoming more and more visible in western society. The Allure series aims to observe how adornment entices the gaze, as we focus on the adornment the rest of the body becomes irrelevant.

Focus is a contemporary Madonna and child that explores how the family dynamic changes with the introduction of a new baby. The centre of attention switches from the couple to their child often leaving existing family members, including the mother feeling anonymous and even rejected. The work is an amalgamation of many family and friends with their offspring with a deliberate concentration of attention on the baby's face.

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